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Creative Economy in Indonesia: Challenges & Opportunities

Creative Economy in Indonesia

We had a fruitful and thoughtful discussion about the future of music industry in Indonesia yesterday afternoon. We are worried about the high number of piracy. Our state suffers a huge potential economic lost because of that. However, we are committed to find a solution, in fact we do have found it and come up with a very concrete step since we meet with this guy: Mr Arif Yahya. Thanks to him.
We do hope that in the next future we as nation could do much better appreciation to those who choose to live a life in creative economy sector. We want the kind of Indonesia that is free from piracy acts and able to give a greater protection to all form intellectual as well as copy right.
Left to the right (below): Me, Senior Musician & Parliament Member Anang Hermansyah and the Minister of Tourism RI Mr Arif Yahya in his room office at Jl Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta.



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